The 1000 Days – Documentary

Soundtrack starke Mini Doku über die Mönche aus der Kyōto Bergregion in Japan. Diese umrunden immer wieder den Kyōto Berg in Etappen und das 7 Jahre lang. Durch dieses Ritual sollen die Mönche eine Buddha ähnliche Erleuchtung erhalten.

Shot on the holy Mt. Hiei, at the Enryaku-ji temple complex located just outside modern day Kyoto, „The 1000 days“ documents the legendary ritual of the Kaihōgyō, a quest to become a living Buddha with a practice of daily pilgrimage that over 7 years and 1000 days brings the few monks who undergo it to travel 24,000 miles – roughly the equivalent of the Earth’s circumference – in the search for the ultimate enlightenment. The piece gives us an exclusive access into these incredible human beings and the teachings they live by to complete the training which would rank among the most demanding physical and mental challenges in the world. Only 46 men have completed the 1000 day pilgrimage since 1885.

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